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At Slusher & Rosenblum, P.A., we provide experienced legal guidance for construction clients throughout Florida. Offering both transactional and litigation services, we are your resource for handling all the legal needs of you and your company. We are your advocate, ensuring that your company is protected and that your rights are upheld.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services that address all legal aspects of the construction industry. We can assist you with construction liens, construction defects, employment contracts, insurance disputes and more. Our legal team is knowledgeable and detail oriented, focused on achieving the best possible outcome for you as our client. Whether we are drafting a contract or fighting a legal battle in court, we are dedicated to your success.

Working With A Wide Range Of Construction Clients

We offer our services to construction clients of all sizes, from smaller construction companies to large-scale developers. Our experience in construction law allows us to adapt our services to your specific needs. We are well-versed in Florida construction law and understand how to navigate even the most complex situations.

Tenacious Litigation

The longer you work in the construction industry, the more chances you will have to interact with clients or other companies who will behave negligently or dishonestly. While you may make an effort to resolve a disagreement, like a broken contract, there will be times where your only option for resolution is legal action. If you find yourself in such a situation, our firm can help you ensure that the case is resolved in your favor.

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