Florida Landlord/Tenant Law Attorneys in West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale

Florida Landlord/Tenant Law Attorneys in West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale

The laws governing the interaction between landlords and tenants can be confusing and complicated. It can be difficult to know how to solve legal problems on your own. When situations arise where you need legal assistance – whether you are a landlord or a tenant – it can be extremely beneficial to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Slusher & Rosenblum, P.A. offers a full range of legal services for landlords and tenants throughout Florida. Our firm works with clients who need assistance with transactional law as well as litigation. We are skilled at unraveling complex situations and creating solutions that help our clients achieve the outcomes they want and need. From issues as fundamental as drafting a lease, to cases where a lawsuit is necessary, we provide informed counsel committed to your success.

Representing Both Landlords And Tenants

If you are a landlord, our firm can help you ensure that everything you do is within legal requirements. We can also assist when you are in a situation where you need to evict a tenant, collect unpaid rent or when a tenant has taken legal action against you.

For tenants, we provide informed legal counsel when you feel your landlord has not been respecting your rights. You may have been told you will be evicted without reasonable cause, or your landlord may not be maintaining your rental at a safe level. Our team will help you understand your options and stand up for your rights. We handle commercial, retail and residential issues.

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